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The Clifford H. Marshall Elementary school was founded in September 1998. The schools stands on the hill at 200 Moody Street at Quincy Point. This elementary school is a pioneer in the advancement of technology for the twenty-first century. It is full equipped with a computer lab facility, an in-house video broadcasting system, classroom telephones, and central air conditioning. The school is dedicated in loving memory of the late Clifford H. Marshall (1937-1995). Mr. Marshall, a Ward Two resident, dedicated his life to politics. He represented the Quincy Point community as a member of the City Council in the early years of his career. In 1974, he was elected Sheriff of Norfolk County and served as Sheriff for over twenty years.

My idea of politics is to help people - Clifford H. Marshall

Principal:  Nick Ahearn

Assistant Principal:  Heather Patch

Secretary:  Mariann McQuinn


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